In the 1970’s the watch industry suffered a crisis since known as “the quartz crisis”. As early as the 1950’s, American brand Hamilton started to invest heavily in producing electricity powered watches in an attempt to produce a timepiece which would never need winding and would be super accurate powered by a battery. All this was swept aside however by the Japanese who had produced a quartz battery movement, totally efficient, inexpensive and even using digital screen displays. The swiss could not keep up and the huge investment in quartz technology producing very expensive equivalents would lead to the downfall of many famous houses such as OMEGA and TAG HEUER. The one main swiss brand who did not try and embrace the quartz movement was ROLEX, who continued to produce solid efficient sporty mechanical watches.


The financial boom of the late 1980’s meant that price became less important to the consumer. Indeed, what sharp-suited city gent wanted to be seen with a cheap quality watch, ROLEX was the chosen watch to be seen wearing as it was often said “The hand of a proper watch sweeps by, a cheap watch jumps”.

The emergence of the internet has led to the vast availability of knowledge and made the finding of watches so much easier than relying on auction houses or the very few dealers with shops. We are now faced with global demand and significant rises in value perhaps only equalled in percentage terms as classic cars, fine wines and of course fine art. The market for 1960s 1970s sports watches has given us some of the most dramatic increases in value over the past twenty years. 

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